The driving lanes along East 105th will be changed to create more organization along the corridor and provide bicycle accommodations.  This page describes the existing configuration and shows images of the proposed configuration. 


The existing roadway is currently approximately 40' wide and accommodates two narrow travel lanes in each direction. The only existing pavement markings are double yellow center line line markings located at the center of the roadway. Often times when driving along the corridor drivers use the entire northbound or southbound pavement width, because there are no lane lines to organize traffic.  The lack of existing pavement markings can create confusion for drivers and makes bicycle mobility challenging. 



To create a safe and organized corridor, the existing roadway will have new pavement markings installed.  The revised markings will provide exclusive bike lanes along the east side (northbound) of East 105th Street and sharrows and marked on-street parking lanes along the west side (southbound) of East 105th Street.  The renderings below show side by side before and after photos of what the pavement markings will look like along the corridor. 


We understand that providing parking along the corridor is important to local businesses.  On-street parking will be maintained on the west side of the road.  One travel lane will be provided in each direction with a northbound dedicated bike lane.  In the southbound direction sharrows will be provided which will require bicycles to share the travel lane with with cars.  The roadway section below depicts the final roadway lane configuration.