This project is the second phase of roadway improvements that will occur along the East 105th Corridor.  The first phase was constructed from East Boulevard to Greenlawn Avenue in 2020.  The East 105th Phase 2 project starts at Greenlawn Avenue and continues north to the City of Cleveland north city limit line, located at the I-90 over pass.  This project will include the following improvements:

 Project Work Scope

East 105th Street from Greenlawn Avenue to North City Limits

  • Mill and resurface roadway pavement and repair pavement base based on condition.

  • Repair based on condition of concrete drive aprons and curbs along East 105th Street.

  • Remove and reset granite curb in front of Churches

  • Repair of sidewalks to replace damaged slabs and trip hazards.

  • Install ADA compliant curb ramps at intersections.

  • Reconstruct drainage facilities including catch basins to eliminate ponding

  • Replace water main from Greenlawn to St. Clair improving water quality and pressure; replace lead water service connections; improve fire flow by replacing 4” fire hydrants with 6” fire hydrants.

  • Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB’s) at Gooding Avenue, Yale Avenue, and Elk Avenue to facilitate pedestrians crossing East 105th Street.

  • Install enhanced pedestrian cross walks at Columbia, Englewood, Elgin, and Marlow

  • Provide exclusive bike lanes along the east side (northbound) of East 105th Street and sharrows and marked on-street parking lanes along the west side (southbound) of East 105th Street.

  • Remove unwarranted signal installations at the Gooding Avenue, Yale Avenue, and Elk Avenue

  • Upgrade signal at St. Clair to include backplates and pedestrian pushbuttons improving intersection safety

  • Repair retaining wall along east side of East 105th Street from Remington Avenue to Railroad Bridge

  • Replace trunk line sewer from Helena Avenue to Remington Avenue improving capacity and eliminating basement flooding

Phase 1 Project Construction Photos

East 105th Street from East Boulevard to Greenlawn Avenue

Improvements for East 105th Phase 1 from East Boulevard to Greenlawn Avenue were completed in 2020.  Below are several project photos with descriptions of the work occurring. Similar construction activities are expected during Phase 2 of construction. 


The photo above shows the smooth driving surface that will be provided at the conclusion of the project.  This photo also shows new curb with 6" of reveal that improves roadway drainage and new sidewalk that eliminates trip hazards and meets ADA standards.


Pavement base repair is shown in the photo above, where areas of pavement are removed and replaced with new pavement to extend the pavement life.  This photo also shows the installation of new drainage structures (sewers) which improve roadway drainage.


The photo above shows the realignment of the East Boulevard intersection.  The second phase of the East 105th Street project will keep curbs in their existing locations. 


The photo above shows the replacement of old pavement at the project intersections.  Often times the intersections are the areas in the worst condition that need significant repairs.