​The East 105th Phase 2 project will also include several traffic control improvements.  Unwarranted traffic signals will be removed and replaced with enhanced pedestrian crossings facilities.  The following scope of traffic signal and crosswalk work will be included with this project:

  • Remove unwarranted signal installations at the Gooding Avenue, Yale Avenue, and Elk Avenue

    • As part of the design of East 105th Street the existing traffic signals were studied.  Traffic and pedestrian counts were performed to determine if the signal was needed (warranted) or if it could be removed.  Based on the low number of vehicles and pedestrians passing through the intersection, it was determined that the​ signals could be removed and that stop signs on the side streets would be appropriate traffic control.  A removal study was completed to further examine that the safety of the intersection would be maintained after the removal of the traffic signal.  All of the data and analysis at these locations concluded that the signals should be removed to enhance the safety along the corridor. 

  • Upgrade signal at St. Clair to include backplates and pedestrian pushbuttons

  • Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB’s) at Gooding Avenue, Yale Avenue, and Elk Avenue to facilitate pedestrians crossing East 105th Street.

  • Install upgraded pedestrian crosswalk pavement markings at Columbia, Earle, Englewood, Elgin, and Marlow

The photos shown below depict what the enhanced crosswalks and RRFB's will look like when the project is complete. 


The photo above shows an example of  the upgraded/enhanced crosswalks that will be installed along East 105th Street.  The ladder style crosswalks enhance visibility to create a safer crossing location.  Upgraded pedestrian crossings signs also create a safer crossing location. 


The photo above shows an example of  the RRFBs that will be installed along East 105th Street.  Pedestrian will approach the sign, activate the push button and the sign will flash while the person is crossing East 105th Street.

The map below depicts the locations where traffic signals are being removed and upgraded and locations where pedestrian crossing will be upgraded.