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The video below will walk you through the content on the website and project a brief project overview:

Estimated Construction Cost:

Project Funding Sources:

Cleveland City Council Representatives:

Project Schedule:

Award: November 2020

Construction Begins: January 2021

Construction Complete: December 2021


Ohio Public Works Commission

City of Cleveland

Utility Funds

Kevin Conwell, Council Member, Ward 9

Anthony Hairston, Council Member, Ward 10

The Proposed Improvements on

East 105th Street to Include:

  • Complete asphalt resurfacing, including full and partial depth pavement repairs where needed.

  • Replace water main from Greenlawn to St. Clair improving water quality and pressure; replace lead water service connections; improve fire flow by replacing 4” fire hydrants with 6” fire hydrants.

  • Replace trunk lane sewer from Helena Avenue to Remington Avenue.

  • Sidewalk, ADA-compliant curb ramps and drive aprons as necessary.

  • Improved pedestrian crossings including installation of rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) at select crosswalks.

  • Upgrade signal at St. Clair to include backplates and pedestrian pushbuttons improving intersection safety.

  • Provide exclusive bike lanes along the east side (northbound) of East 105th Street and sharrows and marked on-street parking lanes along the west side (southbound) of East 105th Street.